The Bread of Life – John 6:22-35

Just as bread supplies your body with strength and nourishment, Jesus, the true bread from heaven, has come to strengthen and nourish you…to transform your life, to bring life to all who believe  in Him.

This promise of ultimate satisfaction does not mean that you can escape from life and all of its problems. You will be disappointed if you expect the presence of Jesus in you to mean that you are immune to sin, struggles, and failures.
However, the gospel frees you to face life. In a world where many are crushed by pessimism and despair, Jesus promises you life…abundant, spiritual, and eternal.

What is your role in experiencing the life He offers? Have you really come to Christ? Whether or not you are among those whom the Father has given to the Son, or whether you are secure in Christ’s protection, depends on how you answer this question — have you come to Christ? When you come to Jesus, you find great assurance in his promise that you will never be rejected.

The next question is why have you come? Is it to get something from Jesus or to get Jesus Himself? Notice in the text why Jesus says that most people come! Most folks come to fill their tummies not their souls.

Jesus came to fill our souls with Himself, not fill our tummies.

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