Thankful for the Holy Spirit

On Pentecost, we celebrate an important event in redemptive history:
The time when Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to His followers who would live within them and empower them for service.

Prayer of Thanksgiving
Almighty Father, we praise You for sending Your Holy Spirit
upon Your disciples at Pentecost in the upper room.
We ask You now to send Him to fill us with all of His fullness.

We thank you for:
• The power of Your Holy Spirit and ask You to strengthen us to serve You worthily.
• The wisdom of Your Holy Spirit and ask You to fill us with a greater knowledge of Your will.
• The peace of Your Holy Spirit and ask that He might cause us to flourish in every dimension of our lives and strengthen our confidence in Your love.
• The healing of Your Holy Spirit and ask You to bring reconciliation and wholeness where there is division, discord, sickness, and sorrow.
• The gifts of Your Holy Spirit and ask You to equip us for the tasks that You have assigned us.
• The fruit of Your Holy Spirit and ask You to ensure that the love of Jesus governs all of our relationships.

Breathe upon us now and renew our joy of eternal life.
Blow out the dust of sin in our lives
and, in Your mercy, fill us anew with Yourself.
Make us one in heart and mind to serve you for Jesus’ sake, Amen.

– Adapted from The Worship Sourcebook, p. 706

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