Thankful for the Trinity

Recently we celebrated Trinity Sunday. The music, prayers, and Scripture readings in this worship service focus explicitly on the beauty, power, and work of the triune God.

The amazing work of the Trinity is magnified in your own salvation. The Father purposed your salvation before the worlds were made. The Son secured your salvation by His cross and resurrection. The Spirit applies salvation to your life by opening your heart to believe.

The Trinity also helps us to answer a most basic question: What is a Christian? I would expand J.I. Packer’s definition to this question just a bit by saying: The question can be answered in many ways, but possibly the richest answer is that a Christian is one who has God for his Father, Jesus for his Savior and Lord, and the Holy Spirit for his helper and constant companion.

Therefore, Brian Kay concludes in Trinitarian Spirituality that “God is never more glorious than in His triune conspiracy to enthrone Christ in someone’s heart — and what an immense favor He shows to the one He lovingly overtakes.” We see Him doing this in the lives of many in the Scriptures: the Apostle Paul, Nicodemus, and the woman at the well just to name a few.  He can do it in your live as well!

A Prayer of Thanksgiving for the Trinity
Praise be to You, O God the Father:
You created all things by your power and wisdom
and so loved the world that you gave your Son to be our Savior.

Praise be to You, O God the Son:
You became human like us in all things, except sin,
died for our offenses, and rose again for our justification.

Praise be to You, O God the Holy Spirit:
You lead us into all truth and spread the love of God in our hearts.
All praise and glory be to you, O God,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, forever and ever. Amen.
Worship Sourcebook, p. 716

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