The Power of a Joyful Pastor

Phillip Brooks, an Episcopalian rector in Boston over 100 years ago,
and author of “O Little Town of Bethlehem” wrote this about how pastors are to serve Christ’s church. His main thesis here can be extrapolated to any job:

I think, again, that it is essential to the preacher’s success
that he should thoroughly enjoy his work.
I mean in the actual doing of it, and not only in its idea.
No man to whom the details of his task are repulsive
can do his task well constantly,
however full he may be of its spirit.
He may make one bold dash at it and carry it over all his disgusts,
but he cannot work on at it year after year, day after day.

Therefore, count it not merely a perfectly legitimate pleasure,
count it an essential element of your power,
if you can feel a simple delight in what you have to do as a minister,
in the fervor of writing,
in the glow of speaking,
in standing before men and moving them,
and in contact with the young (and the old).

The more thoroughly you enjoy it, the better you will do it all.

Therefore, let us “serve the Lord with gladness” (Psalm 100:2)!

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