Confessing Our Sin to the One who Restores Bruised Reeds (Matthew 12:20)

Father in heaven,
we are those who have been bruised
and broken by sin and the fall.
We confess that we have bruised others
by our harsh and critical words,
our anger tempers, our betrayal,
and our failed attempts at loving others well.

The devil bruises us with his lies.
We also bruise ourselves and are bruised by others.
Thank you for dealing tenderly with “bruised reeds”
and “smoldering wicks” like us.
We confess to you that our grasp of your grace is weak,
our repentance is feeble, and our faith is small.

Thank you Jesus that you were wounded
for our transgressions
and you were bruised
for our iniquities.
Pour out the healing balm of your grace into our lives.
For we pray for Jesus’ sake. Amen

One thought on “Confessing Our Sin to the One who Restores Bruised Reeds (Matthew 12:20)

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