One Way to Pray for Yourself Before Sunday

Have you or someone you know ever said,
“Well, I didn’t get much out of that sermon.”
Certainly most pastors are pretty self-critical of their attempts at preaching God’s Word and can do a poor job at setting forth the wonderful truths and treasures of God’s Word.
Yet, you have a responsibility to prepare yourself in advance for hearing the Word preached. One way you might profit more from corporate worship is using this catechism question/answer as a way to pray for yourself and prepare your heart to hear God’s preached Word.

Larger Catechism 160:
What is required of those that hear the Word preached?

It is required of those that hear the Word preached,
that they attend upon it
with diligence, preparation, and prayer;
examine what they hear by the Scriptures;
receive the truth
with faith, love, meekness, and readiness of mind,
as the Word of God;
meditate, and confer of it;
hide it in their hearts,
and bring forth the fruit of it in their lives.

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