Praying Scripture | Revelation 5

A. Preparation: Pray and Read Through Your Passage

Record your prayer for God’s help.

Father, you are the enthroned God of heaven who rules over all. Jesus, you are the slain Lamb whose sacrifice purchases our redemption. Speak to me as I unburden my heart in your presence and answer you from your Word in prayer. AMEN.

B. Adoration: Praise God for Who He Is

What should you praise God for based on your passage?

  1. I praise you Father that there is One who is worthy to open your scroll and fulfill your redemptive plan for your world and your people.
  2. I praise you Jesus, the true Lion King, who conquers by becoming vulnerable and weak. You were dead and now you are alive forevermore.
  3. I praise you Jesus that you are not only the slain Lamb but the standing Lamb. You possess perfect power and perfect knowledge and discernment.
  4. I praise you Spirit that you are sent by Jesus into the world to be the Lord and Giver of life.
  5. The Lamb is worthy to receive praise from all living creatures, from all redeemed humanity, from the angelic hosts, and from the entire universe.
  6. I praise you Father that you consider our prayers like incense. They are a pleasing smell to you!
  7. I praise you Jesus that your blood purchases and ransoms people for God. What an honor it is to belong to you Father.
  8. I praise you for the diversity of the people who belong to you – every tribe, language, people, and nation.
  9. I praise you that the gospel saves us for a purpose: to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God. Priests intercede. Kings rule and reign. This is not only our future, but the kingdom is already here though not yet fully consummated.
  10. If the hosts of heaven prostrate themselves before the enthroned God and the standing Lamb, how much more should we.

C. Confession: Acknowledge and Turn from your Sinfulness

What sin should you confess based on your passage?

  1. Forgive me for my distrust of your providential care and Father’s heart. You will fulfill your redemptive plan. You will judge your enemies and you will redeem your people. Nothing will thwart that.
  2. Father, you are seated on the throne in heaven today and you rule over all. Forgive me for not resting in this reality.
  3. Forgive me for rooting my identity in what I do for you instead of whose I am. Just belonging to God (to whom I belong) should be enough to give me great dignity, worth, and validity.
  4. Forgive me for my half-hearted worship and how I have resisted through the years bending the knee to your lordship.

D. Thanksgiving: Express Gratitude for God’s Works and Gifts

What should you thank God for based on your passage?

  1. O Jesus, eternity will be too short to utter al of your praise. So let us begin now to give you the adoration you deserve for your marvelous work of redemption.
  2. O Jesus, by your one and final sacrifice on the cross, you have purchased people for God from every tribe, tongue, people and nation. Therefore, let us honor your sacrifice by extending your rule through proclaiming your gospel to everyone.

E. Supplication: Ask God to Meet Your Spiritual and Physical Needs

What should you ask for yourself based on your passage?

  1.  Help me to remember that I have been bought with a price – the precious blood of the Lamb. Therefore, give me grace to honor and glorify you with my body and mind.
  2. Make me a man who delights to worship you O Lord and who seeks you in believing prayer.
  3. Help me to seize every opportunity to prepare myself for heaven and the purpose of eternity which will be the unceasing praise and worship of you – our great and good Father God.

F. Consecration: Commit to Obeying God’s Will

What should you commit to doing based on your passage?

  1. The regular rhythm and delight of my heart should be to worship God who sits on the throne and the slain Lamb who stands in heaven.
  2. If the prayers of God’s people are like incense that go up to the Lord in heaven, I should pray without ceasing and heed every impulse to pray because I know that it pleases him.

G. Intercession: Ask God to Meet the Needs of Others

Record your prayer for others.

  1. May they allow Jesus to fight their battles for them for He is the Lion who conquers by becoming the slain Lamb who stands.
  2. May they be quick to praise our Lord Jesus Christ because He has conquered all of our enemies – sin, death, the grave, the world, the flesh, and the devil.
  3. May knowing that the Lord God sits on and rules from his throne in heaven comfort them and give them peace as they live in a chaotic and hostile world.
  4. May knowing that all is right and beautiful in heaven today enable them to pass through this vale of tears with perseverance and joy knowing that they are just passing through. AMEN.

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