The Power of Trusting God

From a true and lively sense of God’s attributes, 
there is bred in a person’s heart a love, awe, and confidence in God... 
if therefore, you do believe that God is almighty, 
why do you fear devils and enemies and not confidently trust in God?... 
If you believe that God is the sovereign good, 
why is your heart not more settled upon him than on all worldly good?... 
If you do truly believe that God is most wise, 
why do you not refer the events of crosses and disgraces
to him who knows how to turn all things to the best unto them who love him?... 
And if you believe that God is beauty and perfection itself, 
why do you not make him alone the chief end of all your affections and desires?

For if you love beauty, he is most fair; 
if you desire riches, his is most wealthy; 
if you seek wisdom, he is most wise... 
and when in heaven we shall have an immediate communion with God, 
we shall have them all immediately communicated to us... 
by the light of his own word, 
we have seen the back parts of Jehovah Elohim, 
the eternal Trinity; 
whom to believe is saving faith and truth...”

Lewis Bayly, Practice of Piety (1611 AD)

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