Praying Scripture | Revelation 21:1–8

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  1. Preparation: Pray and Read Through Your Passage
  • Holy Father, the pressure to compromise our allegiance to Jesus Christ is great. Galvanize us with fresh courage by opening our eyes to the wonderful ending of the story of human history and what awaits in the future. AMEN
  1. Adoration: Praise God for Who He Is

What should you praise God for based on your passage?

  • We praise you O God because you have promised to make all things new.
  • We praise you Father because you are going to make us spiritually and morally new and glorious.
  • We praise you Father because you are going to make us physically and bodily new and glorious.
  • We praise you Father because you are going to make a new creation.
  • We praise you that you will dwell with us forever. You will fulfill your covenant promise.
  • We praise you that all that marks our fallen and broken world will be eliminated and destroyed.
  1. Confession: Acknowledge and Turn from your Sinfulness

What sin should you confess based on your passage?

  • Father, I ask your forgiveness for the times that I have struggled with cowardice – caring more for what others think than you… Grant me more boldness and resolve in my allegiance to you. How often I have caved under the pressure to compromise my allegiance to King Jesus.
  • Forgive me for running away from difficulty and danger in my service to you.
  • Show me where I am refusing to believe and rest in the liberating truths of the gospel. Deliver me from faithlessness.
  • Deliver me O Lord from all types of sexual perversion. May I gladly submit to your Word and agree without reservation with all that you call an abomination.
  • Forgive me O Lord for neglecting or withdrawing the lawful and necessary means of preservation of life; sinful anger, hatred, envy, the desire for revenge; all excessive passions, distracting cares; immoderate use of meat, drink, labor, and recreations; provoking words, oppression, quarreling, striking, wounding, and: whatsoever else tends to the destruction of the life of any.
  • Pardon me for all the times I have struggled with impure thoughts, words, and actions.
  • Forgive me for the times that I have given my heart’s affection to other idols. I have had other gods before you!
  • Grant me your pardoning grace for all the times I have spoken lies. Forgive me for the times that I have not maintained and promoted the truth. For all the times that I have spoken words that have injured another person’s good name and reputation.
  1. Thanksgiving: Express Gratitude for God’s Works and Gifts

What should you thank God for based on your passage?

  • Thank you, Jesus, that you are the alpha and omega… the beginning and the end. You have the final word on how the story ends.
  • Thank you, Jesus, for the promise that you will make all things new… a new world (new heaven and new earth), a new city (a beautiful, prepared bride), a new relationship of unhindered communion with God, new bodies, everything made right).
  • Thank you for eliminating all the effects and consequences of sin – tears, death, mourning, crying, and pain).
  • Thank you for giving to me and those whom I love the satisfying water of eternal life. It doesn’t cost me anything because it costs you everything.
  • Thank you for transforming people who once were cowardly, faithless, detestable, murderous, sexually immoral, and idolaters into devoted, courageous followers of the Lamb.
  • Thank you for telling us how the story ends. You didn’t have to do so. 
  1. Supplication: Ask God to Meet Your Spiritual and Physical Needs

What should you ask for yourself based on your passage?

  • Help me to live in light of this glorious future and destiny. May it fill me with hope when I am tempted to despair regarding the brokenness of this world.
  • May I count strongly on your presence and hate everything that ruptures my fellowship with you.
  • Show me how to mourn with hope and not despair at the tears, brokenness, and sufferings of this life.
  • Grant me the grace to trust you and your promise – You are coming again to make all things new.
  • Help me to persevere in my faith. For one of the more sobering experiences I have had this week is reading a sermon on this text from a pastor who apostatized and walked away from you, your church, and his ministry.
  • Grant me more boldness and diligence in my prayer life. For, if you have the power to transform and make new an entirely new cosmos, you certainly can accomplish everything that concerns me regarding the salvation of my loved ones and friends, saving troubled marriages, and softening hearts where hardness has reigned for years.
  1. Consecration: Commit to Obeying God’s Will

What should you commit to doing based on your passage?

  • Read, study, meditate upon and trust your Word, because it is dependable and trustworthy and sets forth the truth – the truth about you, man, salvation, and how the story ends. May the word of God and not the opinions of others reign supreme in my life as the authoritative source!
  • Drink deeply and daily from the gospel springs of salvation. Preach it regularly and faithfully to my own heart so that I live in light of it.
  1. Intercession: Ask God to Meet the Needs of Others

Record your prayer for God’s help.

  • Lord, create in those whom I love a ravenous spiritual thirst, and may they obey that thirst so that it leads them to drink deeply of your love and grace and not other God-substitutes.
  • Lord, may knowing how the story ends free my friends and loved ones from despair and discouragement with their life circumstances and inspire new hope in their hearts.
  • May this prophetic vision fill those whom I love with a renewed resolve to remain faithfully devoted to King Jesus. AMEN.

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