Do You Know Jesus Christ Personally?

“I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord.” —Philippians 3:8 Spiritual knowledge of Christ will be personal knowledge. I cannot know Jesus through another person’s acquaintance with him. No, I must know him myself; I must know him on my own account. It will be an … Continue reading Do You Know Jesus Christ Personally?

“Godly sorrow works repentance.”

—2 Corinthians 7:10 Genuine, spiritual mourning for sin is the work of the Spirit of God. Repentance is too choice a flower to grow in nature’s garden. Pearls grow naturally in oysters, but penitence never shows itself in sinners except divine grace works it in them. If you have one particle of real hatred for … Continue reading “Godly sorrow works repentance.”

Praying for Your Church: A Flourishing Community of Grace

Click here: A Prayer Guide through Colossians 3:12-17   It is very sad and unfortunate that many view Christianity primarily as a moral code instead of the grace-filled relationship that it is. I, for one, grew up thinking that becoming a Christ-follower involved keeping rules with clenched fists. However, I have come to learn that … Continue reading Praying for Your Church: A Flourishing Community of Grace

Praying Scripture | Matthew 25:31–46

Preparation: Pray and Read Through Your Passage Record your prayer for God’s help. King Jesus, we desire to be those who are eternally blessed by your Father. So, we ask that the door into your everlasting kingdom be opened for us. Give us the grace to hear your Spirit speaking to us through your Word … Continue reading Praying Scripture | Matthew 25:31–46

The Power of God in a Manger and God on a Cross

When sin entered the world, alienation and hostility began to characterize mankind’s relationship with God. Left to our natural selves, our eyes are blind to true beauty, our minds are hostile to God, and we are dead in our trespasses and sins. This succinctly describes our desperate condition before our hearts are opened to believe. … Continue reading The Power of God in a Manger and God on a Cross

Do You Believe the Bible is God’s Word?

There are forces afoot today that would cause you and me to doubt the veracity, authority, and sufficiency of the Bible as God’s Word. This phenomenon is not unique to our time. Recall the tactics of the ancient serpent in his temptation of Eve in Genesis 3: “Did God really say?...” Therefore, it behooves us … Continue reading Do You Believe the Bible is God’s Word?

The Ancient Sacrifice – Humility

The poet Rudyard Kipling wrote the following words in 1897, as an admonition to the British Empire against pride: “The tumult and the shouting dies; the captains and the kings depart. Still stands thine ancient sacrifice, a humble and a contrite heart.” When Kipling spoke of a contrite heart as an “ancient sacrifice,” he was … Continue reading The Ancient Sacrifice – Humility