Trusting God for the Impossible

The sinless Son of God was conceived in the womb of a virgin and born to rescue hell bound sinners. It sounds like the stuff of fairy tales. The angel of the Lord, Gabriel, explains how the incarnation of Jesus Christ can happen: “nothing will be impossible with God.” The Lord has had to remind … Continue reading Trusting God for the Impossible

In What Do You Root Your Identity?

At the age of 49, Dr. Thomas Graboys had reached the pinnacle of his career and was leading a charmed life. A nationally renowned Boston cardiologist popular for his attention to the hearts and souls of his patients. Graboys was part of “The Cardiology Dream Team” summoned to treat Boston Celtics star Reggie Lewis after he collapsed … Continue reading In What Do You Root Your Identity?

Preparing in Advance for the Lord’s Supper

The pastors and church leaders who wrote the doctrinal standards for our church urged all believers to take time to prepare themselves in advance for celebrating the Lord's Supper. How do we do that? Question 171 of the Westminster Larger Catechism spells this process out in detail: Question: How are they that receive the sacrament … Continue reading Preparing in Advance for the Lord’s Supper

We Desperately Need These Men

God, give us men! A time like this demands Strong minds, great hearts, true faith and ready hands; Men whom the lust of office does not kill; Men whom the spoils of office cannot buy; Men who possess opinions and a will; Men who have honor; men who will not lie; Men who can stand … Continue reading We Desperately Need These Men

What Should Happen When We Worship God?

The essence of worship is to offer “a sacrifice of praise” to God (Hebrews 13:15). Marva Dawn, in her book Is It a Lost Cause? Having the Heart of God for the Church’s Children, says “the only thing that the church does that no other institution can do is to worship the triune God.” How … Continue reading What Should Happen When We Worship God?