Grasping the Wonder of Grace

“For every one look you take at your sin, take ten looks at Jesus.” Robert Murray M’Cheyne spoke these words to his congregation in Scotland in the early 1800s. We do well to heed M’Cheyne’s counsel as we regularly confess our sins to the Lord and experience anew the assurance of forgiveness. The regular discipline … Continue reading Grasping the Wonder of Grace

Proclaiming the Gospel to Ourselves in Corporate Worship

One of our main purposes of gathering corporately for worship is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. We aspire to do this throughout our whole worship service by cultivating in all who gather three things: A dawning realization of the greatness of your God, A growing awareness of your own sinfulness But also a … Continue reading Proclaiming the Gospel to Ourselves in Corporate Worship

Word-Saturated Worship

Scripture suffuses every part of our worship services. We call one another to our awesome task of worshipping God with Scripture. We sing God’s praise with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs in order to make God’s Word memorable and vivid. The Spirit uses God’s Word to convict us of sin and to show us our … Continue reading Word-Saturated Worship