We engage God’s Mission

  1. Membership Vow #4
  • Do you promise to support the church in its worship and work to the best of your ability?
  1. Core Value: ENGAGE
  • Core Value: We believe that the gospel makes us a people for others and that our mission centers on actively extending the gospel of grace in word and deed to our neighbors and to our world.
  • Outcome: We will help reach our neighbors and world with the gospel by our intentional engagement in God’s mission. (Evangelism training, missions, participating personally in a short-term mission project).
  1. Scriptural Support
  1. Expectation of Members
  • To begin to discover, develop, and use your spiritual gifts to serve others for Jesus’ sake.
  • Serve in at least one ministry in the church and/or community.
  • Share your faith in word and deed in your sphere of influence.
  • Pray for and share Christ with specific people. “Invest in and invite” people to our church.
  • To serve on a short-term mission project either locally or globally.

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