God is My Portion Forever

God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
– Psalm 73:26

When earthly things are taken from you,
he is the good part that will never be taken away (Luke 10:42).
When dying and withered,
he will never leave you or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5).
Satan cannot part you from your portion.
God has him in a chain, and like a dog without teeth,
he may bark, yet he can never bite.
At death, your portion will swim out with you in that shipwreck.
Death parts all other portions from the sons of men,
but gives you your full portion.
Then will you know your portion’s true worth.
When the fire burns up the world
it will not even singe your portion.
You may stand upon the ruins of the world and sing:
I have lost nothing, I have my inheritance,
my happiness, and my God still.
– George Swinnock

The Lord is Our Portion

“The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in him.”
– Lamentations 3:24
Is the Lord enough for us? The secret of joy, contentment, hope and victory over temptation is resting in and knowing that the Lord is enough. We ultimately don’t need all the other things of this world.
Thomas-BrooksThomas Brooks (1608-1680) comments on the above verse:
“All the soul needs is found in God.
There is light to enlighten the soul,
wisdom to counsel the soul,
power to support the soul,
goodness to supply the soul,
mercy to pardon the soul,
beauty to delight the soul,
glory to ravish the soul,
and fullness to fill the soul.
Health is not more suitable to a sick man,
wealth to a poor man, bread to a hungry man,
drink to a thirsty man, clothes to a naked man,
balm to a wounded man, ease to a tormented man,
and pardon to a condemned man,
that this portion is to all the needs of man.
No earthly portion can suit an immortal soul…
Nothing else can satisfy the soul without God”

From the pen of George Swinnock (1627-1673):
The portions in this world are like candles
that are consumed with use and then go out.
Here is God, there is the world;
here bread, and their husk;
here substance, there a shadow;
here a Paradise, there an apple;
here is fullness, there is emptiness;
here in fountain, there a broken cistern;
here are all things, there is nothing;
here is heaven, there is hell;
here eternity of pleasure, there eternity of sorrow and pain.
Now, is not this an infinite reason to choose God for your portion?

Whatever your necessity, he can relieve it.
He is silver, gold, honor, delight, food, clothing,
house, land, peace, wisdom, power, beauty, father,
mother, wife, husband, mercy, love, grace, glory,
and infinitely more than all these.
There are all sorts of delights in him.
See God, and you see all. Enjoy God, and enjoy all.