Learning to love like Jesus – Who?

John 13:34a says, "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another." Who we are to love? One another. The love of Christians for one another should be the distinguishing mark by which the world recognizes us as followers of Jesus Christ. Love is one of the key terms in Jesus' Upper … Continue reading Learning to love like Jesus – Who?

Love Stoops to Conquer – Worship Reflections for John 13

The foot washing episode of John 13 serves as “a rebuke to the disciples’ ambitious strife, far more powerful than words could have spoken: Such a rebuke that never again do we see a hint of the old question, ‘Who should be greatest?’ It was Christ's answer to their unseemly conduct, and a lesson to … Continue reading Love Stoops to Conquer – Worship Reflections for John 13

Love is Not Self-Seeking

Here's a challenging word from E.M. Blaiklock that I have been mulling over this morning. I have adapted it a bit in order to personalize it. "Seeking [our] own, urgent for [our] rights, careless of those of others, demanding this and that, [we] have made [our] world a jungle.  A little magnanimity, a little generosity, … Continue reading Love is Not Self-Seeking

Lavish Love for Returning Prodigals

The prodigal comes to a transforming experience of repentance. True repentance always issues into joy. The father takes his finest garment, worn only on special occasions or festivals, and puts it on his son -- a sure sign of acceptance to the community. The signet ring, a symbol of trust, and sandals, showing he's a … Continue reading Lavish Love for Returning Prodigals