The Antidote for Anxious, Fearful Hearts

In corporate worship, we invest time in prayer. We do this because God commands us to seek Him in prayer. Prayer also serves as one of the main ways that we exercise our faith in His promises as well as an antidote for our anxious hearts (Luke 18:1; Philippians 4:6-7). Prayer is hard work and … Continue reading The Antidote for Anxious, Fearful Hearts

A Three-fold Cycle of Worship

There is a notable pattern to many of the worship encounters that we find in the Bible. For example, the prophet Isaiah’s encounter with the great God of heaven in Isaiah 6 offers us a three fold cycle for corporate and personal worship: Praise-Pardon-Petition. This pattern serves as a broad structure to our church's worship … Continue reading A Three-fold Cycle of Worship

Treasuring Forgiveness – Matthew 18

Link: Treasure Forgiveness - Matthew 18:12-35 Monday: Matthew 18:35 is a hard saying of Jesus. Is God’s forgiveness of us conditional upon our forgiving of others? How would you answer this question from God’s Word? Next, reflect on this summary of what Jesus is saying in this parable: “No true follower of mine will act … Continue reading Treasuring Forgiveness – Matthew 18