Treasuring Forgiveness – Matthew 18

Link: Treasure Forgiveness – Matthew 18:12-35

Monday: Matthew 18:35 is a hard saying of Jesus. Is God’s forgiveness of us conditional upon our forgiving of others? How would you answer this question from God’s Word? Next, reflect on this summary of what Jesus is saying in this parable: “No true follower of mine will act so contrary to my nature.  For I delight to show mercy.  Only those who embrace the gospel with a lifestyle of forgiving others demonstrate that they have genuinely accepted my pardon for themselves.  You are not forgiven by me because you forgive others, but because you cast yourself upon my mercy.”
Tuesday: Would you take some moments today to thank the Lord that He has a passion for the lost and a burden to see His grace and forgiveness reach all of His lost sheep (Matthew 18:12-14). Because of this, you are now a completely forgiven, dear-loved and totally accepted son/daughter of the living God.
Wednesday: Matthew 18:15-20 articulates the process by which God works to reclaim, forgive and restore in His church. What do you personally find most challenging about this process? In our culture, we are not particularly strong in going directly to people when they have offended us or we have offended them. Ask the Lord for a renewed commitment to model the gospel with others.
Thursday: God’s forgiveness is meant to flow from the church to the world. Matthew 18:21-35 highlights the lunacy of an unforgiving spirit. What results when we dam up the river of God’s mercy? Ask the Lord to show you where you may be struggling with an unforgiving spirit and resolve before Him to do something about it.
Friday: Who is it that you need to release to God’s mercy today? Meditate on James 2:13 and ask the Lord for grace to imitate Him in extending mercy!
Saturday: Pray that Ephesians 4:32 would mark your life and all of your relationships and our church!

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