Praying through Psalm 1 to Start 2019

Psalm 1

Prayer of Preparation
In this new year O Lord, grant us a renewed hunger and delight in Your Word.
So move in our hearts that we delight to do what You command.
Free us from finding our happiness and well-being in created things so that we might find You our greatest treasure.

Adoration: Praise God for Who He Is

  1. We praise You, O Lord, that you are in the business of transforming hearts so that we can think, behave, and belong in a way that pleases You and brings us good.
  2. We praise you for your willingness to share with us your wisdom and your Word.
  3. We adore you for changing the desires of our hearts so that we might find you our greatest delight.

Confession: Acknowledge and Turn from Your Sin

  1. Forgive me for the ways that I have conformed to the world in departing from you by accepting the world’s advice, being party to its ways, and adopting its most fatal of its attitudes – scoffing.
  2. Pardon me for allowing worldly values and thinking to shape my life and decisions.
  3. Forgive me for all the ways that I have thought that true fulfillment and happiness could be found apart from you and your Word.

Thanksgiving: Express Gratitude to God for His Works and Ways

  1. Thank you Father that you have freed me from judgment, collapse and expulsion from your presence because of the Cross of Jesus.
  2. Thank you Father that Jesus is the only, truly blessed man who always delighted to obey you and never failed in delighting in your law. Thank you for his perfect obedience to your law for us.
  3. Thank you that you care about and identify with us, your people, and you call us the congregation of the righteous – acceptable in your sight because of what Jesus has done not us.
  4. Thank you for imputing to us the righteousness of Christ by faith alone, and now you grant us power to work out in our lives what you have worked in us.

Supplication: Ask God to Meet Your Spiritual and Physical Needs

  1. Lord, please give me a greater delight in you and your Word. May it be reflected in an established, guarded rhythm of spending time with you in your word.
  2. Grant that I might discern and reject unbiblical, worldly patterns of thinking and living so that you might receive greater glory from my life and ministry.
  3. Lord, would you be pleased to prosper our work for you in this new year?

Consecration: Commit to Obey God’s Will

  1. In 2019, I will regularly meditate on God’s Word using the Psalms and a Read through the Bible in a year plan.
  2. In my reading and studying, I will endeavor to focus more on what Christ has done in order to increase my delight in Him and His Word instead of focusing on what I must do.

Intercession: Asking God to Meet the Needs of Others

  1. So work by your Spirit in the lives of Scottie and the kids that they become discerning, fruitful, mature, stable, flourishing, and godly men and women.
  2. So work in their lives that they recognize and reject worldly thinking and living so that their lives might conform more to your character.

Church Leaders

  1. Grant your Spirit in full measure to the leaders of our church so that they might think deeply about your Word and will and become fruitful and effective in building your church and extending your kingdom in the world.
  2. Make them people of substance who are rooted deeply in your Word and useful in your kingdom service.

Governmental Leaders

  1. Free them from the curse of the counsel of the wicked, the path of sinners and the seat of scoffers.
  2. Grant all of them your wisdom to lead and serve well.
  3. Overwhelm them with their personal inadequacies for the task at hand so that they might seek and find you.
  4. Give them your wisdom from above that is peaceable (see James 4). Bring our divided country together O Lord, break down the walls of hostility.

All this we pray in the great name of our Savior, Jesus Christ the Lord.


Praying Psalm 1 and 2

Psalm 1 –

Father, oh to be the blessed and fulfilled man of this Psalm.  May this portrait of a life of wisdom be the compelling desire of all of our hearts.  Free us from conducting our lives and making our decisions based upon the advice of those who are hostile to you.  May we be kept from the downward spiral of walking, standing, and sitting with those who are called “wicked” … those who oppose Your rule and your Word.

May we have a growing discomfort with sin — in our own lives, in the lives of our family members, and our church, and our culture.  May our delight be in Your Torah.  Ignite our hearts with a desire to meditate upon Your Word with regularity, with intentionality and with resolve.  As a result, may our lives look like the tree and not the chaff.

May we not be driven about by the winds of our circumstances and emotions, but may we be rooted and watered by the streams of Your abundant goodness and steadfast love.  Would you prosper O Lord all that we do today?  May our lives be fruitful for you…godly character and lips that are quick to express thanksgiving and praise to you. May others be brought into the kingdom of Your dear Son through our influence.

Give us the assurance that we will stand on the last day in your presence only because another was judged on account of our sin – Jesus Christ the truly blessed and righteous One. For Him we give you thanks and praise, AMEN.

Psalm 2 –

Gracious Father, thank you for the future hope that all the nations that rage against You will become the inheritance of the Messiah. You have given to Your Son our Savior the ends of the earth as His possession.

He declares triumphantly that all authority in heaven and on earth is rightfully His.  Based upon that authority, we pray that you would supernaturally cause a massive ingathering of souls who would come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Have mercy upon them, open blind eyes like you did long ago, pour the wine of your love and Word on calloused, stony hearts.  Raise up a group of young people throughout the world who devotedly kiss Your Son as Savior and Lord. May they serve You with fear and rejoice with trembling as they contemplate your loving reign in their hearts as King, but also as a just judge who will come again with a rod of iron to break all those who resist Your reign. AMEN.