What Are Elders/Pastors to Do? – Numbers 27:15-17

Recently, my daily Bible reading led me through Numbers 27. In this chapter, a great leadership transition is taking place for the people of God. Moses prepares to pass the leadership baton to Joshua, but Moses knew how vital it was that his successor be a God-appointed man. Number 27:15-17 sets forth Moses’ prayer: Moses … Continue reading What Are Elders/Pastors to Do? – Numbers 27:15-17

The Confessions of a Pastor

Holy Father, all of us serve at Your bidding as undershepherds of the Great Shepherd of the sheep – our Lord Jesus Christ. First of all, we ask Your forgiveness for the times that we have taken for granted the awesome privilege we have to serve as a divinely-appointed shepherd to watch over Your sheep. … Continue reading The Confessions of a Pastor