A Simple Guide for Bible Study | Matthew 21:1–17

Here is what I call a "Simple Guide for Bible Study." It contains seven straightforward questions to get to the heart of a given passage of Scripture. The one below focuses on our sermon text for tomorrow (Matthew 21:1-17) which is the gospel narrative for Jesus' Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem to be presented as the … Continue reading A Simple Guide for Bible Study | Matthew 21:1–17

The Significance of Bethlehem

Let us now go even to Bethlehem, and see — Bethlehem’s wonder! Every year the Christian takes, in thought, the shepherd’s pilgrimage to Bethlehem. In this district lay the fields of Boaz in which Ruth gleaned. Here the son of Obed was born. David was anointed in Bethlehem. Best of all, in Bethlehem, Christ was … Continue reading The Significance of Bethlehem