A Treasured Prayer from My Grandfather-in-Law

Years ago, my grandfather-in-law, Pete Austin, gave me this prayer/poem from Henry van Dyke that he cherished and memorized. I came across it today in my studies. It encouraged and challenged my heart again and I hope it will do the same for you: "These are the gifts I ask Of thee, Spirit serene: Strength … Continue reading A Treasured Prayer from My Grandfather-in-Law

Church Leaders and Dispositional Sins

This morning our men's discipleship group was examining the theme of "Finding Forgiveness: The Moralist Meets Jesus Christ." We started by discussing David Mains and his article "My Greatest Ministry Mistakes." Two fatal omissions of his ministry at the Circle Church in Chicago were: He never once preached about human depravity and, secondly, the church … Continue reading Church Leaders and Dispositional Sins

What’s My Destiny, Momma?

All of us are on a quest to find and fulfill our destiny.  The soul searching question on the lips of the infamous Forrest Gump has plagued every thinking human being: "What's my destiny, Momma?" When Forrest rescues Lt. Dan from certain death on the battlefield, Dan furiously rages, "I had a destiny. I was … Continue reading What’s My Destiny, Momma?