Personal/Family Worship Guides

We want to urge you to take some time during the week to worship God personally and with your family. These guides serve to develop further the themes of our corporate worship services.

Simple Church (Isaiah 40:1-11). This devotional guide delves into the mission of our church. Isaiah’s prophecy highlights four non-negotiables: There is a majestic God to worship. There is the eternal Word of God to know and believe. There is a flock to shepherd. There is good news to proclaim.

When God Pursues the Frustrated (Luke 5:1-11). Peter has experienced a very unfruitful night of fishing. He’s caught absolutely nothing. In the early morning, Jesus finds Peter washing his nets. He tells him to launch the boat and let down the nets. Peter objects, but finally concedes, and catches a huge haul of fish. The miraculous results produce in Peter a broken spirit as he marvels at the power of Jesus. Jesus tells Peter, “From now on you will catch men” (5:10).

When God pursues the frustrated… four things occur…

He convinces us of His power.

He convicts us of our sin and unworthiness.

He commissions us for a new work.

He causes us to value Jesus above all else. The text notes that Peter and his companions “forsook all and followed Him” (5:11).

Devoted to Becoming a Cruciform Community – During our last missions conference, our speaker, Skip Ryan, challenged us to become a cruciform community that is marked primarily by how it loves versus a Christian community that is marked by what it does. Luke 7:36-50 sets forth two distinguishing features of a cruciform community.This type of community is marked by the loving welcome we extend to sinners and the loving welcome we extend to our Savior.

Devoted to Generous Justice

Devoted to Our Priestly Vocation

Devoted to Loving Our Neighbors

The Great Hindrance to Friendship with God

Devoted to the Corporate Gathering

Devoted to Worship

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