Struggling with Change at Church

stottAre you struggling with a change at your church?
Maybe a change of leadership,
a change in ministry direction,
a change of a particular style,
or a change in your ministry focus.
Here is a good and encouraging word
from a seasoned pastor, John Stott:

“Change is painful to us all,
especially when it affects
our cherished building and customs,
and we should not seek change
merely for the sake of change.
Yet true Christian radicalism is open to change.
It knows that
God has bound himself to his church
(promising that he will never leave it)
and to His word
(promising that it will never pass away).

But God’s church means people not buildings,
and God’s Word means Scripture not traditions.

So long as these essentials are preserved,
the building and the traditions can if necessary go.
We must not allow them to imprison the living God
or to impede His mission in the world.”
– John Stott, Acts: The Spirit, The Church and The World, p. 143.

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