Personal Worship Guide – When God’s Word Pours Down Like Rain

Personal Worship Guide – When God’s Word Pours Down Like Rain

God’s Word is like the rain. It fulfills God’s purpose of causing life to flourish. It comes from beyond us. We can’t control it. We only receive it… much like this invitation to feast at God’s banquet of grace.

Isaiah 55:1-13 reminds us that God’s Word inevitably succeeds… in what it offers, in what it requires, and in what it promises. It offers us a lavish banquet of grace (vv.1-5). It calls us to a lifestyle of repentance and faith (vv.6-7). It promises us life-giving renewal and transformation. Our salvation includes within its scope the whole created order. God promises to renew everything.

Here’s a personal/family worship guide for your use to internalize more of the above. You may only use the Scripture memory verse or one of the quotes or a song or the catechism question. But, let me urge to be intentional about your own personal worship of the Lord.

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