A Prayer for The Dying and Those Who Care for Them

O Father, may your salvation surround us
who live and walk under the shadow of death.
Draw near to your dying children.
By simple faith in your undying grace
may they have peace in the hour of their departing.
Draw near to those caught up in the rawness of a new grief.
Enable them to weep well, free from bitterness or despair.

Empower by Your Spirit all who care for the dying;
in hospitals or at home,
in a hospice or on a battlefield;
give them your quiet strength.

Be close to those who fight against untimely death –
those who spend their days working
for the elimination of cancer, AIDS, and other diseases;
the carnage on our highways, and the butchery of warfare.

Empower all of Your preachers of the gospel of grace and peace.
By your tireless Spirit,
may inadequate words take flesh
and become powerful agents in helping people
to begin living eternal life now.
Through Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen!

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