A Simple Prayer for Parents

songs of jesusPart of the Scripture in today’s reading in The Songs of Jesus: A Year of Daily Devotions in the Psalms is Psalm 102:28.
“The children of your servants
will live in your presence;
their descendants
will be established before you.”
Here is a simple prayer I wrote for parents and grandparents to internalize and use:
Lord, so work in the hearts of our kids
that you fulfill this Scripture promise in their lives:
1. May they live in your presence.
May they practice your presence
with the eyes of faith now on earth
by living to please you in all things.
May they enjoy one day the greatest privilege of
living in your presence with eyes of sight
to forever behold your beauty, greatness and glory.
2. May they be established before you.
Only you give the privilege of living
in your presence for all eternity.
Make it so for each of our kids,
and, in this waiting period called earth,
establish and prosper the work of their hands
so that they enjoy a sense of your presence
and purpose in their daily lives. AMEN.

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