A Prayer of Adoration – Psalm 95

Psalm of Worship

If the fire of your heart’s devotion to the Lord needs some fuel. Here are things for which to praise Him from Psalm 95.

1. We praise you for rescuing us from all of our spiritual enemies. For You are the Rock of our salvation (1).

2. We praise you for giving us access into your presence… that you allow us to come before you with joyful and thankful hearts and also when our hearts are sad (2).

3. We praise you for your supremacy and greatness. You have no rivals. You alone are the great God and great King who rules over all including all other spiritual beings (3).

4. We praise you for creating all things and sustaining them and holding them by your hand (4).

5. We praise you for the height, depth, breadth, and length of your creative power (4-5). Your “hands” are mentioned twice. You do have the whole world in your hands just like momma said!

6. We praise you for the pinnacle of your creation – man. You are our mighty MAKER (6). The only fitting response is to kneel and submit in humility to you for you made us and created us to worship Him.

7. We praise you for your willingness to make us “your people” and “your sheep” and for your commitment to be our Great Shepherd who leads, feeds, and protects us since we are vulnerable and weak like sheep (7).

8. We praise you for using your voice to speak to us and for your resolve to patiently wait when our ears are dull and are captivated by other voices. Oh, please grant us grace to hear your voice and to not  harden our hearts (8).

9. We praise you for allowing us to see your great works of creation and redemption and enabling us to believe in and trust you (9).

10. We praise you for allowing us to not just see your works but also to know your ways so that our hearts might be loyal and devoted only to you (10).

11. We praise you for being a just God who must punish all sin and rebellion (11a).

12. We praise you for your incredible gift of “entering your rest” because you punished our sin in Jesus when he died in our place.

All of our sin and rebellion was carried away by the ultimate scapegoat.

The passover Lamb was slain to rescue us from experiencing your wrath for eternity.

The rock was stuck so that we might sip the cool water of your favor and grace forever.

Hallelujah, what a Savior! AMEN (11b).

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