Prepare Your Heart for Palm Sunday

No matter where you are tomorrow, Jesus continues to ride on in majesty and mercy to the door of people’s hearts, and he wants to come and reign unrivaled and supreme on the throne of your heart.

Our celebration of Palm Sunday, which is the beginning of Holy Week, helps us to do just that. On this day, we remember our Lord’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Here is one devotional thought from the pen of Charles Spurgeon that has been particularly helpful for me: 

Remember, beloved, the coming of Christ is with gentleness. It is not Christ who has come unto you if you have grown prouder, harder, more obsessive than ever. No, the Christ who enters to save is himself so meek and lowly of heart that those who take his yoke upon them learn of him, and they become meek and lowly too. Admit the lowly Christ, and be of one mind with him. He will kill your bad temper, conquer your malice, and cast out your pride. Come and be the willing subject of a King who rides forth in humility.

Three ImplicationsHere are three implications for me personally from Luke 19:28-48, which is our sermon text tomorrow:

1. God on a donkey plunges a dagger into my inflated sense of self-importance which is prone to make life all about me and my happiness (Luke 19:28-40).

2. God with tears in his eyes opens my eyes and heart to desire your peace rather than coddle those things that result in your judgment (Luke 19:41-44).  Help me to hate those things that disrupt my relationship with you. Every person on the planet will experience one or the other. The judgment that Jesus speaks of her is earthly and only from the hands of humans. How much the judgment that comes from the hand of the living God.

3. God with a whip in his hands shows me that you never go soft on sin, especially when it comes to the worship of your Father (Luke 19:45-48). You want nothing to hinder outsiders from finding access to the living God. Give me a renewed commitment to avail myself of this cherished access to you. I confess that I do not avail myself of the unhindered, full access I have to the throne-room of the living God. How prone I am to use your worship O Lord to get something from you. This is the essence of religion… when your gifts supplant the giver. For Christ’s sake, deliver me! AMEN.

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