We Love God’s People

  1. Membership Vow #5
  • Do you submit yourself to the government and discipline of the church, promising to promote its purity, peace, and unity?
  1. Core Value: CONNECT
  • Core Value: We believe that the gospel creates a nurturing community where love rules every relationship.
  • Outcome: All who come into our church family will experience genuine friendship and shepherding care as part of our church family (via Sunday School classes, small groups, shepherding groups, one on ones, and counseling).
  • We will become vitally connected to a healthy spiritual family where the Spirit of the Lord will re-parent us so that we love our heavenly Father and reflect his Son in all things.
  1. Scriptural Support
  1. Expectation of Members
  • To model the gospel of grace in all of your relationships.
  • To work to resolve conflict with others by going directly to them.
  • To reach out beyond your comfort zone to those who need love and care.
  • To submit to and encourage the leaders of your church who are called by God to shepherd your soul towards Jesus.

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