What Happens After You Die?


Can you know for certain what happens after death? This question has burdened the hearts of many thinking people for centuries. These verses lay out two contrasting destinies.

For believers in Jesus who are facing an uncertain earthly future because of persecution, affliction, and suffering, it is vital to know what happens at the end of your earthly life. How does your story end? In other words, what happens after you die?

According to the writer to the Hebrews, judgment comes after our death. If you have not trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ who bore the curse of sin on the cross, then you will experience the perfect judgment of God in having to bear your sins throughout eternity. Verse 27 compels you to turn and trust the One who was sacrificed and offered up on the cross to bear the curse of sin. Have you truly and really trusted in Him for your own rescue and salvation?

These two verses also serve as the death nail to two particular heresies: One outside the church and one inside the church.

Since you die once and after death comes judgment, you will never be reincarnated. The New Age teaching of reincarnation is a heretical teaching and not in line with the Bible’s teaching. These verses also demonstrate that the idea of purgatory does not square with God’s word. You do not have second and third chances after death to experience salvation. Therefore, it is imperative that you repent and believe on Jesus in this life if you are to experience eternal salvation in the next.

Lastly, for believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, salvation is a multifaceted, beautiful reality. Jesus Christ saves us from the penalty of sin. Jesus Christ is saving us from the seductive power of sin in our day-to-day lives. Ultimately, like our Scripture promise here declares, Jesus Christ will come again to save us from the very presence of sin to enjoy eternity with Him.

Oftentimes, the Lord allows hardship, difficulties, and suffering into our lives to move us to wait eagerly and expectantly for His second coming when all wrongs will be made right and when we will flourish forever in the Lord’s everlasting, peaceable kingdom!

When everything is going well in my life, I so quickly become enamored with the enterprises, priorities and values of this world which lure me away from a passionate pursuit of Jesus.

May the Lord bring us all to a place where we “eagerly wait” for His coming when death, suffering, pain, sorrows, and tears will be no more. Maranatha – “Come, O Lord,” and make all things!

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