Are you spiritually weak and vulnerable right now?

Here is a lovely thought if you find yourself spiritual weak at the moment:
Matthew 12:20 – “He won’t break a bruised reed, he won’t quench a smoking flax.”

What are we to understand by the bruised reed and smoking flax? The language of the prophet no doubt is figurative. What is it that these two expressions mean? The simplest explanation seems to be that the Holy Spirit is here describing believers whose grace is at present weak, whose repentance is feeble, and whose faith is small. Towards such people the Lord Jesus Christ will be very tender and compassionate.

Weak as the bruised reed is, it shall not be irretrievably broken. Small as the spark of fire may be within the smoking flax, it shall not be quenched. It is a standing truth in the kingdom of grace, that weak grace, weak faith, and weak repentance, are all precious in our Lord’s sight. Mighty as He is, “He doesn’t despise anyone.” (Job 36:5.)

  • J.C. Ryle, Expository Thoughts on Matthew’s Gospel.

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