God Always Finishes What He Starts

How many projects have I started and not finished! How many books have I started reading and not completed! How challenging it is for frail and fallible human beings to simply finish what they start. This is not so with our God.
He always finishes what he starts.

His work of salvation and conforming us into the image of his beloved Son will be completed. This is the ultimate and exceedingly good work because it causes us to fulfill our God-appointed destiny to experience eternal life which is knowing the one, true, living God and Jesus Christ whom he sent. This work will be finalized when Jesus Christ comes again to consummate all of history. The Apostle Paul calls it “the day of Christ Jesus.”

Why not stop and thank the Lord that he is so completely unlike us. He finishes what he starts, especially his internal renovation of our lives that he calls salvation.

Hallelujah what a Savior!

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