Sin has a way of turning us inward. It causes us to live as owners rather than stewards. Our preferred pronouns become: Me and mine. Have a visit with any two-year-old if you doubt this reality.

The gospel of Jesus Christ not only transforms how we view ourselves but also how we view everything we possess. It is YOURS. Everything belongs to the LORD. You will find this word used three times in this prayer of praise from 1 Chronicles 29:11-13.

Here is a prayer based upon this Scripture from our Pray for Me campaign for our kids and students: “When they look at the heavens, cause them to know the heavens are yours! When they look in the mirror, cause them to know that they are yours… Enable them to be enthralled by you as the giver of all things. Give them deep enjoyment and thankfulness at the thought of your glorious name. AMEN.”

Why not pray this for yourself and those whom you love!

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