Why do we pray the Lord’s Prayer regularly?

Jesus teaches us to prayThe Lord’s Prayer serves as a regular component of corporate worship. Why do we regularly use this prayer? Simply put, Jesus taught his followers to pray this prayer.

We avail ourselves regularly of the Lord’s Prayer because it instructs us:

  • That prayer should always begin with adoration before it moves to petition.
  • That prayer must be grounded in the Word of God.
  • That we live and pray best in community.
  • That the best attitude for approaching God in prayer is: Reverence, submission, dependence, and confidence.
  • Of our spiritual poverty without Jesus Christ. Life here on earth is miserable and perilous apart from the saving help of Jesus. Cyprian, the early church father and pastor, said apart from Jesus, “our lives here are nothing but blasphemy of God’s name, disobedience to his will, rejection of his kingdom, a hungry land without bread, an existence full of sin, a precarious sojourn, and an abounding in every evil.” This is why the Father sent the Son – to rescue us from this miserable condition and to lead us to know Him and enjoy life abundant and eternal.

One of the chief ways that we express our faith in God’s Word is by praying it back to Him. Therefore, let us resolve to use the richness of God’s Word to determine our specific requests of Him.

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