Evangelicalism’s Narcissism Epidemic

The below is a link to Anthony Bradley's short article on Evangelicalism's Narcissism Epidemic. I would encourage you to read it and ask the Lord to show you one thing that you resolve to do to bring about changes in your sphere of influence... whether it be your home and kids, your church, your youth … Continue reading Evangelicalism’s Narcissism Epidemic

Accountability in Marriage

If a man has no accountability, should his wife hold him accountable? In my opinion, it depends on what area he needs the accountability. My general counsel is that a wife should NOT serve as her husband's accountability partner to monitor internet usage. I would encourage the husband to have a couple of other men … Continue reading Accountability in Marriage

A Primer on Family Worship

I.         What is family worship?A.    What is worship?A Working Definition:“To worship the triune God is …                                    to quicken the conscience by His holiness                                    to feed the mind with His truth                                    to purge the imagination by His beauty                                    to open the heart to His love and to devote the will to His purpose.B.        What then is … Continue reading A Primer on Family Worship

A Short Appeal for Catechizing as a Method for Family Discipleship

This morning our men's group studied what the Bible has to say about catechizing our children. This is a method of family discipleship that has come upon hard times in the church in the West because we have entrusted the spiritual nurture of our children to ministry professionals. We also are plagued with a sense … Continue reading A Short Appeal for Catechizing as a Method for Family Discipleship

Loving the Right Woman Well

There are three important questions that the book of Proverbs addresses on our theme: Whom are you to love? How are you to love her? Why are you to love her? I.       Whom are you to love? The Temptation of Loving Strange Women. The writer of the Proverbs emphatically call for  men to avoid promiscuity. … Continue reading Loving the Right Woman Well

God’s Gift of Physical Intimacy in Marriage – Proverbs 5:15-21

Desire after forbidden enjoyments naturally springs from dissatisfaction with the blessings in possession. Where contentment is not found at home — drinking out of our own cistern — it will be sought for, however vainly, abroad. Marital love is chief among the earthly goods in mercy granted by God to his fallen and rebellious creatures. … Continue reading God’s Gift of Physical Intimacy in Marriage – Proverbs 5:15-21

Help Teenagers Form Their Identity in Christ

Conformity and peer pressure threaten to squeeze the individuality right out of teenagers. As they’re confronted with choices and expectations, kids are often terrified to be identified as different. Discouragement and hopelessness can leave teenagers even more vulnerable to unhealthy, unsafe pressures. In The Religious Life of Young Americans, George Gallup Jr. and Robert Bezilla … Continue reading Help Teenagers Form Their Identity in Christ

Dad: The Family Shepherd from Psalm 78

Psalm 78 offers a simple guideline for all of us moms and dads in nurturing in our children a love for the Lord. I.  Model the truths of God's Word (Believe and model the gospel.) An Old Testament Model for Contemporary Moms and Dads David shepherded and guided the people of God (Psalm 78:72) HOW? … Continue reading Dad: The Family Shepherd from Psalm 78