We Love God’s People

Membership Vow #5 Do you submit yourself to the government and discipline of the church, promising to promote its purity, peace, and unity? Core Value: CONNECT Core Value: We believe that the gospel creates a nurturing community where love rules every relationship. Outcome: All who come into our church family will experience genuine friendship and … Continue reading We Love God’s People

Reflections on Jesus’ New Commandment

In his booklet on John 13:34-35 entitled “The Mark of a Christian,” Francis Shaeffer called love ‘the final apologetic.’ The love of Christians for one another should be the distinguishing mark by which the world recognizes us as followers of Jesus. Such mutual interest in and concern for each other will arrest the attention of … Continue reading Reflections on Jesus’ New Commandment

Learning to love like Jesus – How?

John 13:34 traces two great movements of grace -- 'just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.' Jesus calls this his "new commandment." What makes this commandment new? In a nutshell, "Just as  I have loved you" “New” (kainen) implies freshness rather than simply “recent.” The word in the original Koine … Continue reading Learning to love like Jesus – How?

Practical Suggestions for Growing in Our Love for One Another

It is important to notice that there is an “if” involved in John 13:35. Believers can disobey Jesus' new commandment to love one another. Failure to love does not mean I am not a Christian, but it means the world has the right to make the judgment that I am not a Christian. Therefore, if we expect … Continue reading Practical Suggestions for Growing in Our Love for One Another