Adoring Our Good Shepherd

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.13.53 AMJesus Christ reveals himself in John 10 as “the Good Shepherd who lays down His life for His sheep.” A helpful way to read the Bible devotionally is to use the discipline of Scripture praying. Here is

O Good Shepherd,
We praise You for knowing each of us by name.
You are perfectly acquainted with our stories, our families, our circumstances, our hopes, our trials, and our joys. There is nothing about us of which You are unfamiliar.
Thank You for knowing us completely and yet loving us unconditionally.

We adore You for tenderly caring for us.
You provide for our needs and lead us in our wilderness journey.
You bear patiently with our weaknesses and sins.
Thank You for not casting us off for our wayward hearts.
You guard and protect us against all of our enemies.

We magnify You for laying down Your life for us.
You did it once for all when You died on the tree.
The greatness of Your costly love
is beyond our ability to comprehend.
Eternity will be too short to utter all of Your praise
for serving as our faithful and good shepherd, AMEN.

Prayer of Adoration – Based upon Psalm 103

Heavenly Father, we join with all the angels and saints above praising You and draw near to Your throne room of glory and grace with confidence because we have a crucified and risen Redeemer who reigns with You and Holy Spirit, for He ever lives above to intercede on our behalf.

We delight to praise You as the everlasting King of glory:

  • For You are strong and mighty.
  • You reign unrivaled over all.
  • You grant justice to all the oppressed.
  • You speak and make known Your will.

We delight to praise You as the everlasting King of grace:

  • You remember that we are frail children of dust;
  • You forgive all of our sin;
  • ¬†You redeem our lives from the slimy pit.
  • You heal all our diseases.
  • You give only good gifts to Your children.

We delight to praise You as the everlasting King of love:

  • You love us with an everlasting, steadfast love.
  • You are slow to become angry.
  • You are faithful to fulfill all your promises.
  • You rescue us from all our foes.

Please receive this our sacrifice of praise for we offer it in the blessed name of our Jesus Christ, who is our brother, our Captain, and our King, AMEN.