By Thy Mercy Deliver Us


Cyprian of Carthage

According to the Lord’s Prayer,
all evil has its origin in the Fall
and consists of:
profaning God’s name,
opposing God’s kingdom,
resisting God’s will,
failing to forgive and love deeply,
and not resisting the temptations to evil.

Deliver us from all of this, Good Lord!

The seven petitions of the Lord’s Prayer
“are seven reminders of our wretchedness
and poverty without Christ
by means of which we are led to
a knowledge of self
and can see what a miserable
and perilous life we lead here on earth.

Left to myself,
I will blaspheme God’s name,
disobey his will,
reject his kingdom,
eat bread that doesn’t satisfy,
succumb and enter into temptation,
and abound in every form of evil.”
– Cyprian (200-258 AD)

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