Prayer of Confession of Sin – Psalm 95

According to a simple reading of Psalm 95,

  1. My love, adoration and joy in you has been too measured and too contained.  Tim and Kathy Keller write in their devotional on this Psalm: “When the love of the immeasurably great and transcendent God of the universe becomes real to us, the joy should be uncontainable.”
  2. My repentance has been too lukewarm and lacking. I hesitate to bow down and surrender unconditionally to your Lordship. Forgive me for holding onto things when you are the only One who can truly hold things securely. My grasp is so weak and frail.
  3. My hunger for listening, learning, and obeying your Word abates when it should increase. Too often times times of testing have not been met by faith in the promises of your Word. Life’s worries, riches, pleasures distract me from a careful hearing and heeding of your Word. Desires for other things are more tantalizing to me than your Word. Forgive me O Lord!
  4. The bottom line: I go astray in my heart. How can this be since I too know your mighty works of creation, redemption and salvation?
  5. Please give me an undivided heart that I may fear, worship, serve, and please only You.
  6. For you are the holy and gracious Father worthy of our full devotion. Yet we are constantly going astray in our hearts. We humbly plead for Your forgiveness for our lack of faith in Your promises, and for grumbling and complaining against You and others. Afflictions and difficulties have caused us to doubt and question Your presence, power and goodness. Deliver us from a sour, skeptical spirit so that we might live a life of restful dependence, true contentment, and joyful obedience through Jesus Christ our Lord, we pray.  AMEN.

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