Prayer of Thanksgiving from Psalm 95

Psalm 95 tells us to come into his presence with thanksgiving.

We come today to thank you for what you have already done in Jesus to rescue rebels like us. We come as well to thank you for what you have promised to do in the future. Scripture exhorts us to praise and thank you (Php 4:6; Ps 66:1; 68:4; 95:1-2; 105:1-3; Eph 5:19-20; Col 4:2; 1Th 5:16-18; Heb 13:15). Dictionary of Bible Themes: London: Martin Manser.

Thank you Father

1. Thank you Father for granting us the privilege of coming into your presence to offer  you our praise and thanksgiving.

2. Thank you for displaying your immense creativity in all of your works of creation – the pinnacle being that you made man and woman in your image. 

3. Thank you for sustaining all of your works of creation. You hold them all “in your hand.” You promise to hold us fast and we are immensely grateful because our grasp of you and your promises is fickle.

Thank You Jesus

1. Thank you Jesus for serving as the Rock of our salvation. We are shielded from the wrath and judgment we rightfully deserve due to our sins of discontentment, grumbling, complaining, and murmuring against you and your providential care of us. You are the rock that is riven/struck on the cross. The waters that slay our spiritual thirst and bring us your deliverance and  your favor are abundantly supplied in the most unlikely of places – a wilderness.

2 Thank you Jesus for your perfect life of complete obedience to the Father. You showed yourself to be the obedient Son of God, in contrast to the disobedient sons of God (Israel). You resisted the temptations presented by the devil during your forty days and forty nights of wilderness wandering. You  specifically resisted the temptation to ‘test’ God when the devil told you to throw yourself down from the temple (Matt. 4:1–11).

3. Thank you Jesus for being the Good Shepherd who lays down your life for you sheep. Thank you for allowing the sword of God’s perfect justice on sin to be awakened against You so that we might enjoy your salvation. 

4.  You obeyed perfectly for us. You died sacrificially for us. You rose triumphantly for us. We are immensely grateful.

Thank you Spirit

Holy Spirit, you are the Lord and Giver of Life. 

1. Would you be pleased to give us the  rest promised in Psalm 95! 

2. We know that it begins now as we experience relief from the crushing burden of the guilt and shame of our sin… as we come to Jesus and find the rest of salvation by grace that frees us from having to perform of earn your favor. 

3. We look forward to the eternal rest of shalom in your everlasting kingdom when we will no longer struggle in our battle against the world, the flesh, and the devil. AMEN.

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