Intercessory Prayers for Palm Sunday

jesus-christ-triumphal-entry-949744-wallpaperHere are a few Scripture prayers based upon the Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. I would encourage you to reflect upon them, internalize them, and pray them for yourself, the people that you love, and especially your own church family.

Holy Father,

  • As we ride with our humble Lord into the fickle and rebellious city, may His humility bring us to our knees in repentance and burn out of us the burdensome beast of pride.
  • Do such a deep, transformative work in our heart that we are moved to put all that we are and all that we have under Your sway and rule, for you are the gentle King of glory. Grant us to hold nothing back in yielding all to your lordship.
  • Send the Holy Spirit among us and do again wonderful things among your people. Apply the healing balm of your gospel to all of our hearts. Grant sight to those that are spiritually blind. Heal those whose hearts have been hurt and now walk with a spiritual limp.
  • Please send from your presence times of spiritual refreshing and purify us so that we live for your praise and not for anyone or anything else.
  • Overturn and root out of our lives any commitment, value, priority, relationship, action, thoughts, or attitudes that diminish your greatness and hinder us from living supremely devoted to you.
  • Raise up oh Lord a new generation of  fervent, uninhibited, and zealous worshipers. May the older generations model what this looks like, rather than continuing to allow a consuming self-consciousness to hinder us in our worship of you!
  • Save us, cleanse us, and heal us for the glory of your great name and our eternal flourishing. For we pray in the name of our humble King, great Priest, and final Prophet – Jesus Christ our Lord, AMEN!

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