Praying Scripture | Revelation 22:6–21

Jesus is Coming

  1. Preparation: Pray and Read Through Your Passage

Record your prayer for God’s help.

  • Father, your desire to reveal your will and plan to your servants is greater than our desire to know it.
  • As we study your Word, grant us a growing capacity to trust and obey you in all things.
  • For, you promise to reward those who worship, trust, serve, and obey you!
  • As we come again to you, unveil your beauty and greatness to us so that we truly and fervently worship and adore you. AMEN.
  1. Adoration: Praise God for Who He Is

What should you praise God for based on your passage?

  • I praise you O God for opening my eyes to my profound need for Jesus. You have washed me with his blood.
  • I praise you for giving me the twofold privilege: to eat of the tree of life and to enter the gates to enjoy your heavenly city.
  • I praise you O Jesus for you are Alpha, the beginning, the creator of all things, but you are also the Omega, the end, and the purpose of all things. You will come and consummate and restore all things.
  • I praise you O Jesus for you are the ultimate Davidic King, the bright morning star that Moses prophesied about in Numbers 24:17.
  • I praise you O Spirit for satisfying the thirsty with the cool water of God’s favor. This water of life is without price. It is a gift of your grace.
  • I praise you that your grace is with me until the end. It is saving grace, sustaining grace, and sufficient grace.
  1. Confession: Acknowledge and Turn from your Sinfulness

What sin should you confess based on your passage?

  • Lord, our hearts perpetually turn to adore someone or something other than you… to worship and serve the creature and created things, rather than you – the blessed and only creator (Revelation 22:8-9, Romans 1:25.
  • Pardon me for the times that I have distorted and diminished your authoritative word.
  • Forgive me for not depending upon and living the truth of your Word.
  • Pardon me for the ways that I have tried to clean myself up and refuse to be washed by you, much like Peter did in the upper room (John 13:7-10). There is a fountain opened up to clean us from all sin.
  • For all the ways that I have allowed my feelings, moods, and circumstances to dominate and dictate, forgive me and move me to a place of resting in the certainty of Jesus’ promise that He is coming soon to make all things new.
  • For all the times that I have abused and misused your grace, pardon me. Grant me this day the ability to savor and delight in your saving, strengthening, and all-sufficient grace.
  • Forgive me for the times that I too have broken the seventh, sixth, ninth, and first commandments (Revelation 22:15).
  1. Thanksgiving: Express Gratitude for God’s Works and Gifts

What should you thank God for based on your passage?

  • I thank you O Lord that there is a fountain opened up that cleanses us from all sin (Zechariah 13:1). That fountain is the blood of the Lamb of God. Grant me to daily wash my robe and make it white in that precious blood.
  • I thank you O Lord for revealing our glorious future and destiny to us. Thank you that you have preserved a record of it for 2,000 years so that I might read it and understand it, and, as a result, know, love, worship, and serve you with all my might until you come for me. Help me to remain faithful.
  • I thank you O Lord that you reward your servants for their service (John 12:26).
  • I thank you O Lord for entrusting us with the privilege of testifying and witnessing to your goodness, greatness, and glory!
  • I thank you O Lord for awakening in me and those whom I love a desire to take the water of life without price.
  1. Supplication: Ask God to Meet Your Spiritual and Physical Needs

What should you ask for yourself based on your passage?

  • Strengthen my resolve, capacity, and commitment to trust your reliable and true Word.
  • Help me to heed the danger and warning of adding to the sufficient, authoritative Word of God.
  • Grant me to savor your grace and move my heart to delight to worship you.
  • May I come and keep coming to Jesus to experience the quenching of my thirst for security, significance, beauty, love, and acceptance.
  1. Consecration: Commit to Obeying God’s Will

What should you commit to doing based on your passage?

  • Word – Grant me the grace and the desire to guard as a treasure your Word. This is what “keep” means.
  • Worship – Bless our God for the wonders of his grace! You have been washed in the blood of the Lamb.
  • Witness – Invite others to experience the wonders of his grace.
  1. Intercession: Ask God to Meet the Needs of Others

Record your prayer for God’s help.

  • Awaken O Lord those whom I love to the danger of being eternally excluded from your presence and from entering the celestial city.
  • May those whom I love avail themselves by faith of the infinite, cleansing power of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. True faith involves not only a righteous standing but also the removal of all defilement of sin. Grant to all whom I love to experience the cleansing power and freedom of the gospel.
  • May those whom I love always abound in the work of the Lord today, knowing in the depths of their hearts that their labors are not in vain in the Lord and that they will receive your rich reward.

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