An Inspiring Definition of Evangelism

Yesterday, our pastors led us through what is the gospel and discussed ways that we can practically share the gospel with others. We enjoyed hearing a testimony of one of our own who recounted how he recently led a person to faith in Jesus. It caused me to remember this great definition of evangelism that … Continue reading An Inspiring Definition of Evangelism

With what would you be satisfied?

Here’s a question I have asked myself on occasion while raising my children in terms of my desires, hopes and dreams for them. It comes from Susan Hunt in her book Your Home: A Place of Grace: “Would you be satisfied with children who are well behaved, who avoid drugs, who graduate from college, marry … Continue reading With what would you be satisfied?

A Challenging Word from Chuck Colson

 Chuck Colson, though he is dead, still speaks. Chuck was the commencement speaker at Covenant College on May 7, 1988. Here's a challenging excerpt from his talk that has spurred me to do some reflection recently.Ask not what your age wants, but without which it cannot be saved. Without a restoration of character, this age cannot … Continue reading A Challenging Word from Chuck Colson

Treasuring the Risen Christ Who Draws Near

Click below for a devotional guide for Luke 24:13-35 Treasuring the Risen Christ Who Draws Near God’s Word details thirteen post-resurrection appearances of Jesus to His followers. This devotional guide examines one of the more famous ones and my personal favorite. It is found in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 24:13-35. Rembrandt painted it four … Continue reading Treasuring the Risen Christ Who Draws Near

Putting on the Kindness of Christ in Marriage

I think the ultimate act of kindness from Christ in the gospel narrative is when he prays for those who are his executioners. "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." In marriage, kindness not only involves a willingness to forgive but also an overall readiness to enhance the life of your spouse because … Continue reading Putting on the Kindness of Christ in Marriage

How Christianity Changed the World

 “Many today who disparage Christianity may not know or believe that, were it not for Christianity, they would not have the freedom that they presently enjoy  The very freedom of speech and expression that ironically permits them to castigate Christian values is largely a by-product of Christianity’s influences that have been incorporated into the social … Continue reading How Christianity Changed the World

A Divine Appointment

Recently, I was studying Acts 8 and Philip's divine appointment with the Ethiopian eunuch and I came across this captivating story of a divine appointment. In 1985 Clarence Duncan arrived in Africa as missionary to the solidly Muslim people called the Yao who live mainly in Tanzania, Mozambique, and Malawi. When he settled in his … Continue reading A Divine Appointment

Wednesday Vespers – When the Spirit Comes with Power

Some of you have asked what do you do in a vespers service. Well, there are many things you can do, but we do five things together in Wednesday vespers together: We sing a hymn and offer worship to the Lord. We read a Psalm and offer prayers of praise to the Lord based upon … Continue reading Wednesday Vespers – When the Spirit Comes with Power

The Gospel Advances Through Weakness – Telemacus

The genius of the gospel is that God’s grace is always demonstrated in weakness. The triumph of the gospel goes forward through weakness. In your mind’s eye, come with me back to the 4th century to the Roman Coliseum. One voice tried to rise above fifty thousand. For Christ’s sake, stop! The 50,000 voices grown … Continue reading The Gospel Advances Through Weakness – Telemacus