Psalm 12 – When the Faithful Vanish

Psalm 12 teaches us what to do when the faithful vanish and when vileness is exalted among the children of man.We naturally tend to become fearful, self-righteous, angry, harsh and judgmental. All you have to do is to first of all notice the dominant emotions in your own heart when you see this happening. Then, observe some professing Christians and their words on social media. Remember that what often frustrates us about other believers is always in seed form in our own hearts.

However, the Spirit moves us to…

1. Cry out to the Lord for rescue (12:1-4)

2. Cherish and root our faith in our Lord’s promises which are true and tried (12:6)

3. Count on our Lord’s protection (12:5-8).

Notice it is not what we are to do that makes the difference. It is what the Lord has promised to do for us that makes all the difference. He rescues, he promises, and he protects. In light of this, let us commit ourselves to crying out, cherishing, and counting on the Lord to do what he promises. My life would be a lot less driven and much more joyful and restful if I did this. How about you?

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